Your business is our business.

Sarovar Hotels integrates innovation, forward thinking strategies and the best people in the industry to deliver compelling and consistent value advantages to its partners. Just as the ethos of providing a world-class experience at value for money pricing has set Sarovar Hotels apart in the minds of customers, our owner-friendly philosophy is advantageously perceived by property owners.

Whether existing or under construction, Sarovar assists you at every stage of designing, building, managing and marketing your property to make it best in class. We are regionally responsive and provide teams who haveĀ  the know-how of these markets to develop and operate the properties to meet owners' goals. value owners' knowledge of local conditions and encourage their participation in property conceptualisation and policy formation.

Sarovar Hotels take full managerial and operational responsibility for the day-to-day operations as well as refurbishment of hotels and resorts. The group assists and guides owners through financing options and feasible long-term business projections, underlining the importance of a sound business model for a successful enterprise.

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